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Find the best shapeware that will make your body look fabulous

People always love to look good and have a nice body, especially women. They just can’t leave anything out when it comes to looking good. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work out, what diet you follow, how much you meditate or even how many pill you would take, you still have that unwanted tummy.

You feel you are not in the best shape and you want to wear your favorite dress? Well so do I. I’ve been sad and frustrated many times when I looked in the mirror and saw that nothing fits me anymore.

I’ve been looking for a quick solution for this problem, a product that will help me not only feel sexy and confident about myself, but also look one, two or three sizes smaller.

Well, no worries. There is one definite and very quick solution for this irritating problem: it’s the so called “magical lingerie” and it’s certainly a must have in any woman’s wardrobe!

Let’s take a brief walk and have an insight on where it comes from, how exactly it works, the available types on the market and how one can buy the best shapewear.

The idea of shapewear for women

Body shaper products were created starting from the idea that the underwear is not only a functional product, but a fashion, seductive and sophisticated item.

Based on the idea of classic corsetry used in the past to obtain a “wasp waist”, these articles have evolved, and today are used for sculpting, shaping and toning the entire body from the bottom of the bust until above the knees.

The first try

Nobody remembers when it was first introduced and who wore it for the first time but according to sources, the first ever public viewing of it was in 1861 when American actress Adah Isaacs Menken wore one in the play called ‘Mozeppa’ in which she had to go nude for the scene and created the perfect illusion of nudity with it.

What is it exactly?

Body Shapers known for delicacy and elegance of their design is a garment specially designed to reshape the wearer’s body and obtaining a sleek and slim body. The role of this article is to hide and eliminate body swelling and deformities, offering a smooth skin and comfort.

What’s so magic about these body shapers?

Body shapers can effectively help to eliminate several inches of fat and hide the imperfections of your body in almost any possible area. It can help woman of all sizes and curves enhance their figures within minutes, and look one, two or three sizes smaller. In other words, it instantly makes your figure perfect and enhances your looks. Whether it is flattening the stomach or compressing the things for that great leggy look, the best body shaper has got you covered.

The best part of body shapers is that it is comfortable and easy to dress, fitting like a second skin. It immediately hides unsightly bumps, wrinkles, reshape your body, and you can wear it under any clothes. These body shapers fit perfectly under skirts, dresses, pants and blouses, allowing you to feel great even if you gained a few pounds lately.

Worn under clothing the product does not look unattractive. In fact, due to its soft fabrication it is delicate and attractive underwear, according to its purpose.

The advantage of shapewear for women is that there exist in a wide range and can be used only for problem areas. Here are some body parts that efficiency can enjoy these articles: buttocks, abdomen, breasts, hips, thighs.

How to use one?

It is basically designed to replace underwear. However, it is up to you whether you want to go directly with it or use lingerie inside for extra coverage and support. It is very simple clothing material and easy to use. It is recommended to use it without any other inners as it may create more tightness and discomfort over the time.

Types of body shapers.

Although there are common body shapers to cover almost all required sections of your body, there are also some types of body shapers that specialize in sliming the specific area of your figure. You can buy the ones that specialize to slim the upper belly, lower belly, bust line and back look respectively.

You should also take note of the firmness of it. You can find them in gentle, medium and extra firm types. Although the extra firm will more likely give you the best results, it’s also the tightest one.

To create these clothes compression technique is used. To obtain a good compression can choose clothes that contain Lycra, latex or spandex. Lycra is a synthetic material known for its elasticity nature. Material is not used alone but in combination with other textile fibers (such as cotton and polyester, has the property to increase body temperature). Latex, often used in combination with nylon or cotton, is a good compressor body. Spandex is a fiber with high elasticity and higher resistance than elastic or rubber, used especially in designing costumes underwear for sports.

There are special ones containing micro particles with various substances such as green tea, almond extract and caffeine, which by rubbing the skin during body movement, break and penetrate the skin reducing fat stores.

Other special items are made ​​of neoprene. Neoprene uses your own body heat to create a sauna effect on problem areas. It melts fat; eliminate toxins, thus obtaining healthier, tight and smooth skin.

Linen is useful even in treating lymph edema, consists of tissue swelling beneath the skin and occurs when lymph fluid cannot sear. Many people who have lymph edema are treated by applying appropriate compression underwear. It provides support for the muscles to pump lymph and remove it efficiently.

There are products specifically designed for pregnant women who have frontal problems with underwear and poliextendable, ensuring abdominal balanced support and stable fit.

The best shapewear can even help to protect and preserve spine posture reducing back pain caused by muscle fatigue.

One basic problem.

Well, it may give you that looks you always dreamed of, but there is one problem that comes with it; the discomfort. Wearing it for longer times can really be annoying if you are wearing a very tight one.

Although there are many modern body shapers that are very comfortable for very long period of time, you will face this basic problem depending on how tight your shaper is.

How to choose the best body shaper?

Let’s quickly check out how to choose the body shaper that will suit you the best!

Pink-Body-ShaperPick your price range first. There are several types of body shapers depending on the quality and lasting power. You can get them on any local stores at affordable rates but if you want the long lasting ones with higher quality and stability be prepared to loose some more bucks as quality is always worth it. So decide first on your budget.

The best way to find right is to shop right. Try finding the specific stores that specialize in selling these products, for example lingerie stores rather than simply jumping into any local clothing stores. The stores that specialize in selling these will more likely offer you different varieties and qualities along with some cool discounts and other offers as well.

The firmness. Decide on the firmness of control. There are many body shapers available from gentle to extra-firm fitting. Know your size well and decide on which one would be more suitable. Know that, extra firm may give better results but it will also create discomfort if you are wearing them over a long period of time.

Decide on boning. While boning adds better shaping power to the shapers, it also limits the way you bend your torso.

The coverage. You need to decide on the particular coverage you are looking for. If it is just one particular area of your body, for example stomach, you should look for the one that is specifically designed for the same for optimum results. Some are meant for things, some for buttocks & stomach and some for all of them.

Check the fit correctly. Also pay attention to the area where it ends, because in some cases the tightest shapers can create bulges at the ending & beginning areas.

Once you follow everything right, you are more likely to know what suits your body best and which one you should opt for. Your choice should not just depend on how slim you want to look but to feel comfortable by wearing it.

So decide right, shop right and wear it right to start getting appreciated for your new gorgeous looks!

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